In Nicaragua there are thousands of children who go to bed almost every day without eating, they are going hungry and their mothers do not know what to do. Popos Hormiguitas is a Foundation created to help meet these basic needs of our children. Help us to help their mothers to learn a trade. We are teaching and giving product to start. With your help we can create in every home an industry and a source of livelihood for subsistence. For every donation over $15 we will be sending you a T-shirt as a thank from our foundation. We pay for shipping. Blessings. Order it in this way. Phone 305-965-8522. Donation: $15.00 (include shipping) and if you buy 2 shirts $25.00 or call phone 305-965-8522.


Another way you can collaborate with our foundation is buying handwoven items made by our co-founder Amelia Maria Elena Mendoza. Order your article tel .: 305-965-852

To know more about our events, visit our fan page on facebook Popos Hormiguitas.